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Steven Andrew delivers "God's State of the Union"

Steven Andrew
Steven Andrew

Following Barack Obama's 2014 State of the Union address, Steven Andrew of USA Christian Ministries took it upon himself to deliver what he called "God's State of the Union."

As you may have already guessed, step #1 in restoring "God's blessings" to America is to get rid of President Obama and erase all of the accomplishments of the last five years.

"People like Barack Obama have a totally different vision of America. His vision is to follow Satan, and we know this because of his homosexual sin that he just is open about," Andrew insists.

Needless to say, Andrew also takes issue with the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, which he apparently blames for the war in Iraq.

"Look, with Barack Obama bringing homosexual sin to the military, they can't even win in Iraq!" Andrew insists, apparently having either assumed that the DADT repeal which occurred on the tail end of an eight-year war was responsible for its failure, or that waging perpetual war is what Jesus would do.

In addition to the usual stick up the butt about homosexuality, Andrew attempts to resurrect in God's name the tired old conspiracy theories about death panels and IRS spying, and follows up with a very creative interpretation of the rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

"You have the right to liberty, and this liberty is Christian liberty," he insists. "All of our Founding Fathers used words that are found in the King James Bible. Liberty means this law of love, where as a Christian I'm not going to force you to do something against your conscience."

Except, of course, for being intolerant of non-Christians and homosexuals. That, Andrew does expect to force you to do.

"And you have the right to the pursuit of happiness," he continues. "This is what it means to be an American: You can serve God how God wants you to serve him according to the Bible. You can prosper, you can make money, you can have your own business, you own your land."

Steven Andrew has demonstrated with this statement a severe inability to recognize that being free and being commanded are completely different things.

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