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Steve 'Zetro' Souza getting back together with Exodus

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San Francisco Bay area Trash legends Exodus have decided to part ways with long time vocalist Rob Dukes. Dukes was with the band for their last three albums and has fronted Exodus since Steve 'Zetro' Souza left in 2005.

Guitarist Gary Holt has released the following statement: "As a band, we all had to make a very difficult choice to part ways with [singer] Rob Dukes. We have nothing but love and admiration for him and the deepest gratitude for the hard work he has put in and the great work on some killer records. But at this time, Tom [Hunting, drums], Lee [Altus, guitar], Jack [Gibson, bass] and myself thought a change was necessary and the unanimous choice going forward was to welcome back Steve Souza to the fold!"

This is the third stint for Zetro with Exodus. He took over the vocal duties after Paul Baloff and did the classic Exodus albums 'Pleasures of the Flesh' (1987), 'Fabulous Disaster' (1989), 'Impact Is Imminent' (1990) and 'Force of Habit' (1992). After those, the band was in uncertain standing but eventually got themselves sorted out and Zetro was back on their "comeback" album 'Tempo of the Damned' (2004) only to be replaced by Rob Dukes shortly after.

Zetro's other band Hatriot also commented on the move on their Facebook page "Welcome back in Exodus Zetro! Hatriot will still continue with Zetro full force! He has agreed to do the double duty as Gary Holt does with Slayer band"