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Steve Zahn, Christian Slater in ‘Mind Games’; critics suggest cancellation

After “The Bachelor” is over and the reality show has tugged at viewer’s hearts, a new show messing with minds debuts Monday night. The new show “Mind Games” will be on ABC and people might be surprised at the familiar faces of the prime time show. According to Zap2It on Tuesday, Steve Zahn teams up with Christian Slater to offer a great show about changing people by altering their perception.

A light show, the debut offers a look at psychological manipulation to do good. Making it a business, two brothers, Clark (Steve Zahn) and Ross Edwards (Christian Slater) offer a service to help others by perceptions. The idea of the show is different and yet fans will find there are soft moments where viewers can’t help but to get involved in the storyline.

The problem with the drama? Critics think the show is gone before it even gets started. Cancellation rumors before a show’s debut sounds harsh, but reality is that the idea looks good but it is hard to understand what the two characters do for their clients. And. more importantly, how anyone could get paid by altering a state of mind without really being a doctor (or preacher for that matter?) Add that there is only so much science to offer before the idea sours and the series is destined for doom.

Will “Mind Games” last past a few episodes, joining "Firefly" as a doomed venture? Depends on who you ask. A bigger question is how can everyone get paid by influencing any life-altering situation by altering one’s perception? If anyone finds out the answer, do share as this premise is usually better known as being a con artist.

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