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Steve Yarbrough proposes "license to discriminate" legislation

Steve Yarbough

The Religious Right's collective temper tantrum over the fact white male Christians aren't the only people with rights in America is only laughable until you realize that it has real-world repercussions.

This week, Arizona state Rep. Steve Yarbrough (R) has introduced SB 1062, a bill that would create a blanket "license to discriminate", not just against the LGBT community, but against anyone conceivable, so long as there was religious motivation to do so.

Yarbrough's bill is so sweeping, he admits, that religious belief could be used to defend any form of discrimination that would otherwise be protected under law, including religion or gender, and could, with enough creative interpretation, actually allow religion to be used to justify breaking nearly any law in Arizona.

The one and only loophole in the law is that it does not allow discrimination in situations where there are no other alternatives.

"If he's the only pharmacy in Bisbee, you may have a problem," Yarbough stated, though he expects (but cannot guarantee) the outcome would be different "if there are two more down the road and Target does this and there’s no issue, and he knows that you can go there.

"And, of course, if he’s at all smart, is probably going to say, 'And by the way, two blocks down the road is a Target and they have a pharmacy.'"

Gov. Jan Brewer had already vetoed such a bill once before, but just in case such a bill should become law, all of Arizona's minority demographics are encouraged to remember that the legislation will be protested and overturned as soon as someone refuses services to a white male Christian.

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