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Steve Smith crying fan: Former Panther Steve Smith reaches out to crying fan
One young fan got emotional when he heard Smith was going to be released, and the wideout tracked down the kid after seeing a video of his reaction. -- MSN News

Steve Smith’s crying fan – a youngster named Gavin – deeply affected the veteran NFL wide receiver. After seeing the YouTube video of Gavin losing it when he was informed that his favorite player was cut by his favorite team, Smith went Twitter tracking to chase down his young fan.

According to Fox Sports on March 17, “When word came down that the Carolina Panthers were going to release wide receiver Steve Smith… one young fan couldn't contain his emotions.”

Smith has since signed a three-year deal with the Ravens, so Gavin can still see his beloved player, if he doesn’t mind watching him on a different team. Still, it appears as if Gavin’s dad in the video was having a little fun, at the expense of his kids.

Not sure why parents insist on filming these moments and loading them for Internet posterity, but at least this viral video comes with a happy conclusion.

The veteran wideout, who caught wind of the video, took to Twitter:

I want to contact this kidCheck out "This Kid Is NOT Happy With The Carolina Panthers!" at — Steve Smith (@89SteveSmith) March 16, 2014

I need that kids info. If anyone knw him or how to get in touch pls help me... I need help finding Gavin. The crying kid — Steve Smith (@89SteveSmith) March 16, 2014

All is well though, as Smith’s last tweet indicated:

I found Gavin. His dad and I got in contact. Once I'm back in town will hook up the Lil guy...... everyone thank u for ur help — Steve Smith (@89SteveSmith) March 16, 2014

Kudos to Smith for taking the time to do this. It certainly is a pleasant surprise to see some trending news about an NFL star’s off-field antics that do not involve the law.

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