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Steve Roman wins Budds Creek's 250 Consolation race

Glen C Hoffman

Consolation races at a Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship race like Budds Creek are some riders only actual race. If you don't finish in the top 4 in a consi you do not qualify for the motos.

Now this is how you start a consolation race.
Glen C Hoffman

With timed practice taking up the morning schedule and the first moto not starting until 1:00 pm some fans get a little anxious for some real racing. Luckily for them there is a 40 rider gate to be filled with only 36 riders per class qualifying out of the last timed practice sessions. This means the last 4 riders in each class are determined by a consolation race.

Of course no one likes to find themselves in a consi but if you are you better get a good start and be able to put down your 4 fastest laps back to back to back to back because that is all you get for what is basically your last chance to make the points paying motos.

This is exactly what Apollo, PA rider Steve Roman number 731 did when he found his practice times only placed him 38th fastest. The 37th fastest 250 rider at Budds Creek that day was the 558 of Dylan Slusser. Dylan is another fast Pennsylvania rider who was trying to qualify for the National on June 12, 2014. Dylan Slusser is from Butler, PA and he is used to racing against the 731 of Steve Roman but unfortunately for Dylan he just couldn't make it happen this time. Even though he had a good jump off the gate and was looking solid going into the first turn Dylan just couldn't put his Honda CRF250R into a qualifying position. It was a shame too because Roman and Slussers best lap times during practice were one tenth of a second apart. It would have really made for an exciting four laps if Slusser and Roman could have come across the holeshot line together and continued battling to the checkers. More than just the PA fans would have enjoyed a race like that. Especially when Slusser and Roman were the fastest two riders from practice that didn't make the top 36.

This didn't mean it was a walk in the park for Roman however. And by no means was this race boring because the top five riders were so close that no one really knew for sure who was going to take the fourth and final spot on the gate until they crossed the finish line. And they all crossed it as fast as you can say one, two, three, four.

It ended up being Steve Roman 731, Clarion Chapiewski 822, Alexander Nagy 509 and Roland Beck Jr 350. But early in the race it was Nick Fratz-Orr 265 and Daniel Lippman 736 running 3rd and 4th behind Roman and Chapiewski.

So the next time you are at a National race and you see riders lining up for a consi race to start the actual racing part of the day be sure to keep your eyes on the top 4 positions because a lot can happen in four laps of a Pro National consolation race.