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Steve Roman wins 3 of 4 races at Motorama Saturday February 15, 2014

Amsoil Arenacross regular and Worcester, MA AX Lites round one winner Steve Roman 18x dominated Saturday night at Motorama 2014.

Steve Roman after one of his many wins at Motorama 2014.
Glen Hoffman

Steve looked fast on the new design of the Motorama track straight from the first practice. He is quick to learn the fast lines on any track he races but this year it was a little easier. That is because the changes in the design of the track this year are similar to that of a Amsoil Arenacross track every year.

Motorama limited the gates to 10 instead of the traditional 20 of years past. This meant having a second row of racers for every main event above 10 entries. Motorama's second row however was limited to only 5 rider keeping a maximum of only 15 bikes on the track at a time. This is similar to the Amsoil Arenacross series which has an 8 rider gate with a full second row for a total of 16 riders for each main.

With one less rider having the opportunity to qualify and only 10 riders on the front row the importance of a good start and qualifying position became even more significant this year. Fortunately Steve Roman is use to this kind of pressure and with his exceptional skills as a rider was able to put himself in a good gate for ever single class he entered.

After all the qualifying and opening ceremonies the first race of the night was a three lap dash-for-cash. This race was for expert riders who wanted to try and make a little bonus cash. Some local sponsors put up $150.00 for the holeshot and $100.00 for the leader of each lap. This meant a short 3 lap race could technically have 4 different winners. This race was the only race that eluded the domination Steve Roman was displaying Saturday night at Motorama 2014.

The dash-for-cash started well for Steve but even better for the number 285, Tony Archer from Waldorf, MD. As Tony grabbed the holeshot and what looked to be the first $150.00 payout of the night Steve tucked right in behind him. But then the unthinkable happened, there was a red flag. Something went wrong and everyone headed back to the gate for a restart. Tony Archer and Steve Roman must have been disappointed because now the odds are against them to pull another 1, 2 start. Especially with riders like Eric McKay 878, Ty Newcome 467, Zak Klaptosky 59, Colton Harrison 740, Richie Kastle 433 and Paul Sanfelice 18 lined up beside them. Well Tony was not to be denied as he pulled another holeshot and Steve was right there again also but got pinched off before the double after the whoops which left him in fifth. Now he was in a real bar banging battle just to keep upright which eventually led to him clipping the back of Colton Harrison's rear wheel and high siding himself out of the race completely. Archer was never challenged in the remaining laps.

Tony Archer's dash-for-cash win earned him a cool $300.00 bonus to go along with the $150.00 holeshot prize but Steve Roman went on to win every main event he entered including the two that Tony Archer raced. To watch all four of these exciting races be sure to press play on the video accompanying this story.

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