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Steve Peacock: Aid for Kenyan school 'a slap in the face' to military

Steve Peacock
Steve Peacock

In a March 30, 2014 column for WorldNetDaily, Steve Peacock writes that President Obama has given "military latrine duty new meaning."

Peacock reports that an engineering office in the Navy is soliciting contracts [PDF] "to provide for the construction of sixteen female dry-pit latrines and to furnish and install a centrifugal pump to serve the potable water catchment system" at a school in Kenya.

Apparently, Peacock considers providing basic plumbing to poor people to be scandalous somehow.

The Obama administration lately has demanded much from American soldiers, who now face possible reductions in the number in their ranks as well as higher payments toward their health benefits. That's in addition to duty in Afghanistan, or worse.

In the latest slap to the face of U.S. Department of Defense personnel, Obama now is asking those soldiers to oversee the digging of toilets at a girl's school in Kenya, his "home country," as First Lady Michelle Obama once publicly put it.

The Naval Facilities Engineering Command is tasked with coordinating the endeavor, involving the construction of a building containing 16 female "dry-pit latrines" for the Mpeketoni Secondary School, according to project Statement of Work that WND discovered during routine database research.

The search for something the Obama administration can do without pissing off the entire right-wing infotainment complex continues to produce no results.

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