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Steve-O's fake seizure prank causes trouble in Hollywood; firefighters upset

"Jackass" star turned prankster, Steve-O has reportedly been getting into trouble for conducting stunts in West Hollywood that involve him having fake seizures at a coffee shop.

Although Steve-O claims the stunt should be illegal, he went through with it several times on Tuesday, forcing cops and paramedics to come to the scene.

Several people inside the coffee shop called 911 as they believed Steve-O and his partners were actually having seizures.

Los Angeles cops were reportedly very upset claiming that the stunt was dangerous and not to mention pointless.

City officials, according to several sources will be reaching out to Steve-O's people to ensure that he knows how dangerous and silly it was.

Steve-O conducted similar pranks last year in Hollywood, as in one video he pretended to be robbed and beat up by a bystander, causing other people walking by to call 911 and assume he was hurt.

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