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Steve Nodine, the man, the myth, the murder suspect?

Steve Nodine, 46
Steve Nodine, 46

Former Mobile County commissioner Steve Nodine tends to dominate the news these days and more and more information about his past life in Palm Beach County Florida is becoming known. The following anecdote comes from a published report in the Palm Beach Post newspaper in May of 1993.

Steve had apparently returned home to Jupiter, Fl. from Atlanta, where the Post said he was living at the time. The paper reported Nodine had moved to Atlanta the previous Fall to, “…run a juvenile offender program.” The story appeared in the society section and gave no further details on the “juvenile offender” program Steve was supposedly running there.

The story does recount that the reason he was back in town was to help a local radio station’s charity event called Sun Fest. In the story, the Post reported Steve had worked as a publicist at the radio station, WJNO/WRMF. However, in other reports related to Nodine, (he appeared in the Palm Beach Post a lot in the late 80’s, early 90’s), they say he is a sales person at the station.

Anyway, Steve was back in town to help with the charity event and the Palm Beach Post reported, “Nodine parked his 1988 Oldsmobile, loaded with luggage and his golf clubs, in the station's guarded lot. Someone stole the car.”

Nodine told the Post the car was found the following Thursday morning underneath an interstate overpass. He told the paper, "They stripped it totally, even the tires, took all my clothes and my clubs. They even beat in the windows with my 1-wood and left it on the front seat."

The Post went on to report that the radio station’s sales manager, “Deb McLean and a West Palm Beach police officer (who at the time didn't know of the theft) saw a man on Flagler Drive wearing a WJNO Sun Fest T-shirt with ‘Nodine’ embossed on the back. The shirt had been in the car.”

In classic Nodine style he quipped to the Post reporter, "He's got a lot of nerve, but at least I've got my 1-wood." The report on the lost automobile came nearly six years after the Post reported a domestic violence altercation involving Nodine. Funny thing about Steve is in the interim he was incredibly active in charitable endeavors.

Most of the time he appears in the Palm Beach Post it has something to do with his association with the West Palm Beach Jaycees or a place called Connor's Nursery, where they took care of babies born with H.I.V. or who had AIDS. In fact, when he first came to Mobile, Nodine often showed a photo album he kept with pictures of him holding little African-American babies infected with the horrible disease.

In September of 1989, they did a write up on Steve in the metro section when he participated in a BBQ rib eating competition. The Post reported it this way, “A breakfast of three eggs, hash browns and toast didn't stop Stephen Nodine from eating 31 inches of ribs in two minutes Saturday during the Palm Beach County Barbecue Cook Off rib-eating contest.”

Again, it was a charity event. It was an effort to raise money for the Council on Child Abuse & Neglect, which operated Connor's Nursery. Steve won the rib eating competition and the event raised $1,400.00. It is a picture of someone which contrasts sharply with the man, who not two years before had been accused of domestic violence and who, 21 years later would be facing murder charges.


  • chacha 5 years ago

    I wonder what he used to beat on his ex-girlfriends legs in 1987...a 1 wood?

  • shannon 5 years ago

    thought your name was shane mcbride

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