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Steve Monetti finds urns filled with ashes in his Harlem storage locker

People who buy storage lockers are looking for hidden treasure, but sometimes the contents leave you wondering about their motives. Such was the case of a former “Storage Wars” star, Steve Monetti.

Storage Wars

According to the New York Post, Steve paid $550 for the contents in a storage locker at the Harlem Self-Storage. As he started looking through the contents, he found something that had him calling the police. Inside the unit, packed inside cabinets or cardboard boxes, he discovered 31 containers with cremated human remains. Some of the ashes were inside urns made of thick stone, polished brass or common metal boxes. Each one was labeled with the name of the deceased, along with the cremation date on the outside.

Steve admits to finding one or two urns inside a storage locker before, but nothing like he found at the Harlem unit. He said, “It was very eerie. My body shook and I said, ‘This can’t be!’ When I saw the paperwork, I was stunned and couldn’t eat.”

The storage locker belonged to a former NYPD detective, Warren M. Blake. Warren and his wife Marguerite owned the M. Marshall Blake Funeral Parlor in Hamilton Heights. The funeral parlor has a history. It was once owned by Anthony Bailey from the P.T. Barnum and Bailey circus.

When Warren passed away in 2007 at the age of 83, his niece, Eudora Street, paid the storage locker fees. The locker came up for sale, when she fell behind on her payments.

Around six police personal searched the locker for foul play, and they consulted with the Medical Examiner. They determined that no crime was committed so the contents was left with Steven.

Steve said, “I was hopeful that these remains might find a home with loving relatives. However, right now, everything remains up in the air and I’m not sure what my next step is.”

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