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Steve McClatchy's new book teaches leaders how to make better decisions

Decide: Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stress, and Lead by Example, published this past February, teaches readers how to make better decisions based on the real results they want to experience.

Steve McClatchy publishes his first book, Decide.

The author, Steve McClatchy, explains how to use the two forms of human motivation -- Gain, or Prevent Pain, to make more effective decisions. For example, he demonstrates how inserting a Gain task in the middle of a Prevent Pain day can give you the energy you need to move forward and make the Prevent Pain tasks take less time through motivation.

Deeper into the book, you'll be reminded about not only the problems with procrastination, but also about the benefits of procrastination, and, if you are a procrastinator, how you can make more effective use of those benefits.

And, particularly helpful is the chapter on Managing Interruptions. McClatchy explains that a typical day for a worker interruptions rob us of valuable think time and time needed to make effective decisions:

  • Interruptions by things that aren't important and recovery time - 28%
  • Productive content creation, including writing emails - 25%
  • Meetings (in person, phone, video, online) - 20%
  • Searching through content: web, paperwork, and digital communications - 15%
  • Thinking and reflecting - 12%
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