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Steve King and the Budweiser Ad

Steve King should not to be confused with Stephen King. The latter is a genius who even with a fervid imagination could not conjure up the horrors inre the Congressman from Iowa.

Guess which party King represents. Hint. During the Farm Bill debate last year, not only did Steve with a "v" want to cut food stamps and watch our citizens with financial challenges face hunger, he proposed cutting all protections for animals,

Too many animals caught in the maw of ag business are tortured until they are killed.

Why can't there be humane farming? What allows man to harm other species? Okay there is savagery among people. Agreed.

Buddhism is predicated on the belief that all living things have a Buddha nature. Thus we are tasked with kindness to everyone and all sentient beings. Everything is interconnected and individual happiness rests with others being happy.

Back to Steve King. In his amendments to the Farm Bill which shred the tiniest protections afforded to animals we eat, he sought to do away with aegis for pets.

As in puppy mills, do whatever you want.

One of the three traits in children that could portend a life outside of society and possibly murder is the torture of animals.

And by outside of society, in this case, serving in Congress.

As for voters in the 4th District of Iowa, what were you thinking?

For people that have hearts, the Budweiser ad:

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