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Steve Jobs commemorative stamp expected in 2015

Painting of Steve Jobs
Randy Yagi Jan. 28, 2012

Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs is one of a handful of iconic figures expected to appear on commemorative U.S. Postal stamps in 2015.

Jobs, Johnny Carson, Elvis Presley, James Brown and the cartoon characters from the comic strip “Peanuts” are among the Approved Subjects from the Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC). Selected by the Postmaster General, the CSAC makes recommendations and selections for commemorative stamps, using 11 major criteria including primarily American or American-related subjects and men and women who had a significant impact on American history or culture.

The Washington Post was the first to obtain the list of commemorative stamps, which also included this year’s stamp subjects, reprints and U.S. Postal Service rate changes. The Steve Jobs commemorative stamp is currently categorized as “In Design Development” as are the other aforementioned. However, a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service has indicated the approved subjects are subject to change.

While most admirers of Steve Jobs and his legacy are bound to be pleased with the news, there are others who will object to the former Apple CEO’s inclusion of a select group of prominent individuals who have graced past commemorative stamps. Often described as a brutish jerk with a mammoth ego, Jobs has been criticized for a bevy of issues from denying child support for his daughter Lisa and firing employees without notice to refusing to offer stock options to one of his closest friends in Apple’s early days and sending jobs overseas to China to produce the company’s most popular innovations.

Nevertheless, there is no question Steve Jobs fits the description as some who had a significant impact on American history or culture. Apple is now the world’s most valuable company based upon market capitalization and millions of of loyalists continue to snap up the company’s latest gadget within days of release.

In all likelihood, Steve Jobs will have a commemorative stamp next year. Given his enormous appeal even posthumously, the U.S. Postal Service may benefit greatly from expected sales of the 2015 commemorative stamp.

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