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Steve Jobs appears in poor health at WWDC

Jobs is looking weak at the WWDC.
Jobs is looking weak at the WWDC.

Steve Jobs delivered the keynote address of the WWDC to a a surprised audience. The fact Jobs gave the address did not shock the audience, but the state of Jobs himself did. Jobs looked and sounded weaker than ever, and it has taken everyone off guard.

Long Islanders are definitely concerned about Jobs. Jobs is the mastermind of Apple along with its renaissance including the iPhone. A lot of people are hoping he will regain his health as time progresses, but right now, Jobs' health is an even greater concern.

“Can't get over how... I'm not even sure, tired sounding, Steve sounds,” reported MacRumors. CNET is reporting developers saying how thin Jobs looks. Jobs received incredibly warmly, and Jobs said he appreciated it.

Jobs has been battling pancreatic cancer for over a decade now, and he recently had to take another leave of absence from the company. It could be that he is in worse shape than ever before.

Pictures of Jobs at the event show a tired, even thinner Jobs. He is so thin now he is practically skin and bones.

Hopefully his health takes a turn for the better. In the public’s eye, Apple’s fortunes seem to be tied to Jobs’ and his health. This might explain Jobs’ near public seclusion of the past few months. Stay tuned to this column for further WWDC updates throughout the day.

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