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Steve Irwin's final moments: Stingray stabbed at Irwin 100 times, caught on film

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Steve Irwin’s final moments were horrific as they are finally made public by his friend and the man who was with him when that stringray killed the “Crocodile Hunter.” Irwin knew he was dying because of the unexpected behavior of that giant stingray and what it had just done to him, according to NBC News on March 10.

It has been seven years since Steve Irwin’s death and today it is known that his last words were, “I’m dying,” he told this to his “best mate” and “right-hand-man,” Justin Lyons.

What folks didn’t know is that the stringray acted out of the norm and didn’t just stab Irwin once, it stabbed at him over 100 times in a matter of seconds. Lyons thinks that the eight foot stingray might have taken Irwin’s shadow as a tiger shark, which had him lash out fiercely and repeatedly to stop what it thought was a predator.

Irwin and Lyons came across this eight-foot-wide stingray at Batt Reef in Queensland Australia. They were in chest-deep water and Irwin would swim behind the stingray as Lyons shot the footage. The final take was when the tragedy hit. Instead of swimming away as it had been, the stingray suddenly propped on its front and started stabbing wildly with its tail.

Lyon panned the camera as the creature swam away and it wasn’t until he panned the camera back to Irwin that he realized he had been hurt. The crew got Irwin out of the water and back to the ship in very little time, but the damage was too massive to Irwin’s heart.

Irwin had a rule that the cameras would keep rolling no matter what. That included him being hurt and even being administered CPR. It was all filmed. When asked if the film would ever be aired, he said “Never,” he believes it is gone and somewhere that it will “never see the light of day, hopefully.”


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