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Steve Irwin's cameraman reveals 'The Crocodile Hunter's' dying words

It's been eight years since the man known to the world as the “The Crocodile Hunter” was killed in a tragic accident. Now according to an article published by on March 10, the cameraman who was with 44-year-old Steve Irwin during the fatal accident has come forward to relive Irwin's last moments.

Steve Irwin's cameraman reveals 'The Crocodile Hunter's' dying words
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images reports that Justin Lyons revealed that Irwin's last words were simply: “I'm dying.”

Reports indicated that Lyons was in the water with Irwin in September 2006 when a startled stingray began jabbing its tail “wildly.” Lyons says that it wasn't until after turned the camera back to Irwin and saw that he was standing in a “pool of blood” that he realized something had gone wrong.

Lyons told reporters that he pulled Irwin from the water and began CPR. He explained that Irwin had a two-inch-wide injury over his heart with blood and flood coming out.

The footage of Irwin's accident has never been released to the public, and Lyons says he hopes it remains unseen.

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