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Steve Harvey and wife, Marjorie, give advice during a couples summit on show

On Friday's show, Steve Harvey invited his lovely wife, Marjorie, to help couples overcome relationship problems during their couples summit section on the Steve Harvey daytime talk show.

This was the first time the Harveys held their couples summit. The audience was filled with couples who couldn't see eye-to-eye on issues. To help them with their problems, Steve and Marjorie shared their secrets for a happy marriage.

Several couples related their problem areas, and Steve left it up to Marjorie to give her advice first. Then he went along with what she said. Steve says, "You can be right or you can be happy."

A woman complained that her husband is messy when he shaves. She said he leaves hairs in the sink even though he insisted that he cleans the sink but never to his wife's satisfaction. Marjorie suggested that they compromise by letting the husband use the second bathroom to shave.

A woman complained that her husband tries to be a handy man, but he is not good at DIY projects. She gave an example of him designing a waterfall in the living room, but their guests get wet when they visit. Again, Marjorie and Steve suggested that the woman call in experts to do the jobs the husband thinks he can do.

The third couple could not settle on which one could use extra closet space in their house. Again, Steve and Marjorie suggested a compromise. Marjorie related how she gave Steve his own man cave so he can have his own space. She suggested to the woman to allow the husband to have the downstairs for his private space and the wife could have the upstairs for herself.

Both Steve and his wife agree that in order to have a healthy marriage, there should be compromise. Both partners should learn to pick the battles they fight.

View the video at the top of this article to see the couples summit segment that was aired on the Steve Harvey talk show.

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