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Steve & Dave's Bar is a fine establishment

There is a calm little place off the corner of 1st and C streets in Eureka that is a welcome enjoyment to all who go there. With three pool tables, an air hockey table, a juke box, a few arcade games, several television sets, and an all-around positive environment, Steve & Dave's Bar is a bar worthy of the attention of anyone who enjoys a good beer, time spent with friends, and just wants to have a good time.

Located at 200 1st Street in Eureka, California, Steve And Dave's overlooks the edge of Old Town, and also is parallel to Humboldt Bay. The atmosphere gives the customer an aroma of the Northern California air, along with a pleasant location.

When walking into Steve & Dave's, the eyes are met with a collection of joy and excitement. The walls sport a collection of art from anywhere that the imagination can picture. One wall in particular sports collections of pictures by local photographers. The remaining walls hold everything from Humboldt County abalone shells to schedules of your favorite football teams.

The bar itself is well kept and much discipline is apparent in its care. The bar always glows with an array of spotlessness, shinning its finished shimmer to everyone who orders a drink. The tables throughout the establishment are exactly kept to the same pristine of the bar, they never appear to have any fault.

The drinks at Steve And Dave's are all reasonably priced, with a simple Bud Light being only $3.50. The mixed drinks at the establishment are made with prime attention by each bartender. Each drink is constructed with full participation by the bartenders. There will not be much disappoint at Steve And Dave's, for the bartenders know their drinks, how to make them, and give the patron and their drink the utmost attention. The service at Steve And Dave's is genuine, thorough, and precise.

If looking for a bar to have a good time, listen to some pleasant music for a while, play a game of pool or air hockey, or just enjoy a nice drink among friends, Steve And Dave's is the best bet for these purposes. Go, have fun, and enjoy yourself. And always remember the golden rule: always tip your bartender!


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