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Steve Coburn apologizes for emotional outburst over California Chrome’s loss

California Chrome has a foot injury from the Belmont Stakes on Saturday.
California Chrome has a foot injury from the Belmont Stakes on Saturday.
Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It was an emotional time for co-owner Steve Coburn on Saturday after California Chrome lost at the 146th Belmont Stakes. His harsh words were heard everywhere as he ranted about the horses that have not competed in all legs of the Triple Crown beforehand and were rested enough to win this particular race. However, he has had time to cool down enough to realize how wrong he was. Coburn, along with his wife Carolyn, sat down with Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America” on Monday to send out an apology.

The horse owner was just as emotional this morning in the interview as he was on Saturday, except this time it was remorse for his outburst that happened over the weekend. After California Chrome tied for fourth place on his bid for the Triple Crown, the 61-year-old was obviously in awe over the loss. However, he was certainly not at a loss for words.

"It's all or nothing," Coburn said immediately after the race. "It's all or nothing because this is not fair to these horses that are running their guts out for these people and for the people who believe in them. This is a cowards' way out, in my opinion. This is the cowards' way out."

These words struck a nerve with most people and he was seen as a sore loser. Coburn now has had a couple of days to settle down and he now says that he is ashamed of himself. His apologies geared mostly to the owners of Tonalist,who were this year’s winner of the Belmont Stakes. He said that he never meant to take anything away from them.

He also apologized to his wife sitting beside him and to all of the people that were involved with getting California Chrome ready for this journey to try to capture the Triple Crown, including his partner, co-owner Perry Martin. In trying to fight back tears, he even said he was sorry to all of America who supported them and cheered them on.

Carolyn Coburn said that she was proud of her husband and hoped that people can see him for the way he really is. She said that their story of this journey has given people so much joy and that those few seconds of the outburst shouldn't destroy all of that.

California Chrome is now home and is being treated for the injury on his foot that he got when he bumped into another horse during the race. It sounds like Steve Coburn is sincerely sorry for his harsh words and is hoping that everyone can forgive him for being so passionate and lashing out to everyone involved.

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