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Steve Burton hears the truth on 'The Young and the Restless' set

YR has endured a variety of on- and off-screen dilemmas since Burton arrived.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Steve Burton famously portrayed 'Jason Morgan' on 'General Hospital' for over 20 years. After leaving ABC's last remaining daytime steamer in 2012, he agreed to become 'Dylan McAvoy' on 'The Young and the Restless'. That CBS' soap opera has endured a variety of on- and off-screen dramas since Burton arrived, which made what his character heard on the set this week all the more intriguing.

Numerous Genoa City residents recently confirmed that 'Dylan's' on-screen father, the dastardly 'Ian Ward' (Ray Wise), actually isn't his biological father. According to 'Nikki Newman' (Melody Thomas Scott), that means 'Paul Williams' (Doug Davidson) holds paternal rights. But, an emotional conundrum is tied to the fact that GC's police chief needs a liver transplant, as the result of being accidentally shot, and may soon depart the earth.

'Paul's' unconscious state could prevent him from ever learning that Burton's character is his son. However, creative writing could easily enable 'Christine Williams' (Lauralee Bell) current husband to be revived before he dies, or after a miraculous organ donation takes place.

The dynamic within this plot line is fused to suspicions that have been dangling over Wise's character since he initially darkened many scenes. Lying is 'Ian's' strongest character trait. So no one, except 'Mariah Copeland' (Camryn Grimes), accepts any sentences that squirm through his lips as complete.

'Leslie Michaelson' (Angell Conwell) thankfully came forward while 'Victor Newman' (Eric Braden) and 'Nikki' were recently trying to locate conclusive proof regarding 'Dylan's' true paternity. 'Leslie' nobly chose to violate her legal oath when she told 'Nikki' that 'Ian' previously admitted he was unable to father children. Necessary due diligence, regarding another disputed paternity test, verified his sterility, but didn't explain why he invented this specific story.

'Nikki' was at 'Paul's' bedside as this week's Friday cliffhanger came to a close. Shortly after 'Father Todd' (Corbin Bernsen), advised that Last Rites were likely in order, 'Nikki' revealed to 'Paul' that 'Dylan' was actually his first-born son. Burton, who had just opened the hospital room door unbeknownst to his on-screen mom, offered a classic reaction shot for the camera and the screen went dark.

Engagingly complex tales have always pumped through every enduring soap opera's veins. Despite on- and off-screen dramas that have played out within the last calendar year and some debatable business choices that were made, YR has survived all storms. And, it's still daytime's number 1 drama.

However, everyone who follows this show understands that they should be supporting all four remaining network (CBS, ABC, NBC) soaps (and their fans) as much as possible. Doing so makes sense, as collective efforts could well help the genre itself to survive.

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