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Sterling Sunrise Sunset

Sterling Ruby, Sunrise Sunset exhibition, NYC, 2014
Sterling Ruby, Sunrise Sunset exhibition, NYC, 2014

Sterling Ruby, Sunrise Sunset

Hauser & Wirth Gallery, NYC

May 9 - July 25, 2014

This has to be my favorite exhibition this year, so far.

Ruby is based in Los Angeles, California and became a more mainstream name when he collaborated with designer, Raf Simons.

Inspiration: urban gangs and graffiti, hip-hop culture, craft, punk, masculinity, violence, public art, prisons, globalization, American domination and decline, waste and consumption.

Mediums: paintings, cardboard collages, fabric collages, tapestries, ceramics, a mobile, and sculptures in metal, urethane and fabric.

My favorite piece from Sunrise Sunset: Scale/Bats, Blocks, Drop

Hauser & Wirth Gallery: An inviting, incredible open space. If you're lucky you'll run into their security guard, Andrew, who talked all things Mark Rothko with me and we discussed previous exhibitions at the space.

"My work is not goal driven. It’s not to get to an end point. You have this drive and that keeps you going, but the drive isn’t necessarily based on a definitive definition or a definitive endpoint. Like: I want to reach a goal and accomplish this, so that it’s completely explained. I don’t actually find that to be interesting. There’s a perception of that, in all of the work, but it’s actually about the cyclical aspect of it. About the fact that it’s never attained. That it’s never an endpoint. That seems very dramatic and kind of upsetting, but in my mind it’s very desirable. And beautiful, to a certain extent."
-Sterling Ruby in: Utopia Parkway. December 10, 2009.

More pics: HERE

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