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Steps to Replace the Spa Circuit Board

As a spa owner, you might have come across times when you couldn’t figure out what was wrong with your spa. When the water inside becomes dirty and scum accumulates on the surface of the spa water, the first thing that comes to your mind is which part of the hot tub has broken.

Naturally, as the owner of an expensive hot tub or spa, you need to take care of the maintenance of it. However, you also want to spend the least possible time fussing over the damage that has been done, right? Therefore, it makes sense to first read enough matter on spa and hot tub maintenance. Once you are aware and informed about the damages that can take place and how they can be repaired, it will become easier for you to manage things around.

What if the Spa Circuit Board is Troubling You?
In case the circuit board of the hot tub is showing signs of damage, the best thing for you to do is to get it replaced. Basically, the function of the circuit board is to control all the other functions of the hot tub. The hot tub circuit board controls the heating element, blower, pump and more. It can be defined as the nervous system of the spa. Imagine what happens when the central nervous system is disturbed? There are a few steps that you ought to follow so as to replace the circuit of the spa. These are mentioned as follows:

1. Check the serial number: This number contains the board’s product number. This number helps you identify the circuit board that you have to purchase. The number is mentioned on a white sticker. Refer to this number while purchasing a replacement circuit for your spa.
2. Check the Chip Number: In case you are not able to find out the white sticker with the serial number on it, no need to despair, for there is another number that can help you find the right replacement circuit board. On the back of the board, the model number is the key to finding the right replacement parts for your tub.

Once a compatible or suitable circuit board has been found, the next step is installation. Installing a circuit board requires that the power supply is turned off first and foremost. You also need to be careful that while removing the damaged circuit and placing the new one, you do not end up breaking any component of the board. These are a few things that must be taken care off while replacing spa circuit boards. In case you are having trouble replacing the circuit board, you can consult the Master spa service.

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