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Steps to extreme fitness


Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser

It’s called Extreme Fitness because it puts your body, mind, and determination to the test. It incorporates cardio, weight training, and stretching to give undeniable results. As intriguing and challenging as it sounds, an Extreme Fitness program is not as easy as it looks. Certain steps should be taken before you start one of these exercise programs.

1.       See a physician. Get a check up and make sure your body is up to the task. These workouts are brutal.
2.       Drink plenty of water. Extreme Fitness equals sweat, and you will lose massive amounts of fluid. Dehydration can cause muscle cramps, longer recovery time between workouts, and more soreness than necessary.
3.       Wear the proper attire. Proper fitting clothes help you to move easier, and a great pair of shoes gives you proper support to help protect you from injury.  Check out the following website for more information on shoes:
4.       Invest in a heart monitor. To get maximum results, keeping track of your target heart rate is vital. Find your target heart rate at this website:
5.       Choose the right diet. A healthy diet is key to losing weight. Determine which diet is best for you by researching it, asking your doctor, or talking to a dietician.
6.       Workout partners are always recommended. Try to work out with a buddy or, for better results, hire a personal trainer. They will help keep you motivated and push you to your limit.
These steps should be followed no matter what type of fitness program you choose. Remember to start out slow and build to the maximum activity your body will allow. Don’t be scared to slow down or take short breaks when you reach your threshold. Doing more than you are able will cause you to have bad form and will lead to injury. Be safe and be healthy.

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