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Steps to climb the corporate ladder

Before you take a new job are you ready?
Before you take a new job are you ready?
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So you’ve been working at the same place for over a year and you wonder what it takes to get a promotion? You’ve seen another get a promotion and wonder when it’s your turn. Here are steps to ensure that you’ll be considered next time.

Be sure to have a good attitude, no complaining or voicing objections to work or projects. I saw a receptionist this week that couldn’t have been there for even six months and she’ll move up because she has an amazing positive attitude, she radiates a great attitude.

Don’t react to negative feedback, use it to improve on yourself, use it to your advantage. Should you reply to negative criticism you will receive less giving you less opportunity to improve yourself. They are actually helping your to help yourself-you can’t go wrong with that.

Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses? Are your strengths helpful in your current position? It’s something to capitalize on and are your weaknesses holding you back? Take the time to focus on you weaknesses working to improve them for they may hold you back in an advancement.

Have you been expanding your skills in your current position? Again, if you don’t possess the skills necessary for advancement be sure to work on them for a new position may prove too difficult. Have you taken the initiative and volunteered for projects? If you want to be noticed there’s no better way.