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Stepping Up

will sanders

I’ve been hiking around Arizona for a number of years and believe I’ve been on most of the easier to get to trails. However I know there are places out there without my boot prints on them yet because they require a long hike just to get to the trail I want to hike on. Well no more my friends. I am no longer limited by the off road capabilities’ of my trusty Ford Escape which I have taken to more places than I should have. No more spending most of my time and energy just getting to a hiking trail starting point. Nope, I have joined the dark side of the force and gone off roading rogue. Check this out---I now own a bad-ass rock crawling dirt eating monster of a JEEP! This thing has a souped up six cylinder engine, five speed manual transmission, four wheel drive with heavy duty differentials front and rear with lockers, a kick ass front bumper, lifted suspension, full roll-cage, etc, and the whole shebang is sitting on 18 inch wheels with 33 inch mud grabber oversize tires. Whoeee! Talk about a step up from my Escape. I have to jump to get in the thing and cobbled together a step stool for my wife. Look out Arizona, here we come.

Remember how it feels to be out hiking a remote trail and then some dude comes roaring past you driving an ATV and leaves you in a cloud of exhaust smoke and choking dust. Disgusting aint it? Well that’s what I meant by crossing over to the dark side. I’m one of them now. In all likelihood if we should cross paths I promise not to roar past you and leave you hikers in a dust cloud. Nope, I’ll probably crawl past you real polite like, maybe offer you a lift or a cool one. I don’t like breathing somebody else’s exhaust any more than you hikers do. So don’t throw rocks at me, okay?