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Steppenwolf and The Grass Roots 'Rocked' The Pacific Amphitheater

John Kay of Steppenwolf.
John Kay of Steppenwolf.
Photo by Ella Batalon

60s rock bands Steppenwolf and The Grass Roots brought back the sounds of classic rock and roll to an audience of devoted fans at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa Sunday night.

Steppenwolf and The Grass Roots Rocked the Pacific Amphitheater
Photo by Ella Batalon

The Grass Roots opened the show with "Heaven Knows" and other groovy hits such as "Sooner or Later", "Let's Live For Today" and "Midnight Confessions". Lead singer and guitarist Mark Dawson was entertaining as he engaged the audience with a few jokes with one pertaining to AARP—then paid tribute to our American soldiers as well as making a birthday announcement for lead guitarist Dusty Hanvey.

After a short break Steppenwolf came on stage and began their performance with "Sookie Sookie" followed by "Rockin Roll Rebels", "Rock Me Baby", "Hey Lawdy Mama" and "Ride With Me".

In between songs John Kay recounted the early days of the band's humble beginnings until the movie "Easy Rider" and their song "Born To Be Wild" that launched the band's notoriety and helped glamorize the biker image and culture in 1969.

During Steppenwolf's performance the two overhead video screens displayed 80s video footage of Steppenwolf synchronized to John Kay's singing and the band's performance on stage. It seemed like only yesterday as the audience enjoyed watching a youthful John Kay and his wolf pack band members on the overhead screens.

The band continued with "Monster" and a video created by keyboardist Michael Wilk, with its social and environmental message—followed with another video created by Wilk about Mississippi Delta Blues and blues singer Muddy Waters and the musical influence and impact the delta region had in forming modern rock and roll music and for many great rock and roll performers.

Steppenwolf ended its show with three of their most popular well-known hits—"Magic Carpet Ride", with everyone's favorite "Born To Be Wild" then finishing off with "The Pusher".