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Stephen Root to join cast of 'Boardwalk Empire' as lawman

Stephen Root as "Eddie Fournier" in Season 1 of True Blood

Time for a little trip down the Spanish moss-draped True Blood memory lane as we travel all the way back to the very first season when we fell madly in love with our beloved cast of vamps. Who among us can forget the sweet middle-aged vampire, Eddie Fournier, whose adoration of Lafayette unfortunately blurred his judgement when it came to selling "V", or vampire blood. Stephen Root's portrayal of a shy, lonely vampire whose desire for acceptance and simple affection was heart-wrenchingly honest causing True Blood fans around the globe to gasp in horror when Eddie met an untimely and extraordinarily brutal end at the hands of Jason Stackhouse's V-addicted girlfriend.

Since that time Stephen Root, described as "one of the most prolific character actors of our time", has appeared in numerous televisions shows and films including Rango, Justified, Fringe, Californication, The Men Who Stare at Goats, and 24. Recently HBO announced its selection of Stephen Root for a new role on the Golden Globe nominated period drama Boardwalk Empire.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Root will step into the role of Gaston Means, a forger, swindler and murder suspect who became a Special Investigator for the United States Department of Justice under Attorney General Harry Daugherty (Christopher McDonald). At this time there is no indication of how many episodes Root will appear in, though it will most definitely be a longer run than poor Eddie received on True Blood.

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