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Stephen King's Woody Allen Tweet sparks outrage

Stephen King

Legendary author Stephen King has chimed in on the recent allegations that filmmaker Woody Allen molested his stepdaughter.

On Feb. 1, Allen’s stepdaughter, Dylan Farrow, wrote an article in the New York Times detailing an incident when, at age 7, she was sexually molested by Allen, when he was still in a relationship with her stepmother Mia Farrow.

Time reported that King, two weeks after joining Twitter, posted a reply Monday to author Mary Karr. Sympathizing with Farrow, she tweeted:

"Dylan Farrow's open letter alleging sexual assault at age 7 by Woody Allen: Right or wrong to post it?"

King, upon reading Farrow’s letter, replied with the tweet:

"Boy, I'm stumped on that one. I don't like to think it's true, and there's an element of palpable bitchery there, but..."

The tweet has caused uproar, with people stating that King is making light of Farrow’s harrowing experience.

Karr replied with:

“Maybe he thinks the editorial writer bitchy. Or even me.”

But rather than apologizing, King has simply asked for people to give him some leeway since he’s new to Twitter.

One of his fans, Lynn Beisner, wrote a piece asking the author to apologize.

"Mr. King, I think that you are a good guy. So let me tell you what good guys do in a situation like this. You apologize unequivocally, and you talk about what you have learned," Beisner concluded the letter with.

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