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Stephen Hawking on the 'Meaning of Life' and black holes

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Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking postulated on event horizons and black holes 40 years ago.

He now claims that black holes don’t actually exist except for Duncan Donut’s new dark chocolate Munchkins®.

Black holes are astronomical bodies, usually collapsed stars, with gravity so intense they absorb anything nearby, including light.

Hawking, on his Facebook page, articulated his theory. “Think of Justin Bieber sucking positive energy from the space around him. Black holes do the same except for the drugs and women.

I used to think of Charlie Sheen as the benchmark for ‘black holes’ but Bieber is ‘worlds apart.”

I’ve gone over my notes very carefully but there was a drop of gravy on a critical page of equations that I misinterpreted as some parallel universe thingy.

Anyway, it was the 70’s and some substance or another may have altered my state of mind” he now says.

“Also, gravity is a myth, the earth just sucks.”

Hawking: “I’ll explain it here for the slow to catch on,

The equation of motion is the one-dimensional wave equation.

where vw is the wave velocity.

Actually, “Just watch the Monty Python movie, ‘The Meaning of Life’ and you’ll get it.”