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Stephen Harper Is A Traitor To All Canadians

Stephen Harper traitor to all of Canada
Stephen Harper traitor to all of Canada
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There is a very foul wind blowing through the world for the last century. It is the wind of globalization. On the surface globalization sounds like a good idea, a means to coordinate all the planets resources in a central location, getting rid of local jurisdictions (countries) and their local laws. It sounds like it will provide a new era in sane resource utilization to benefit all of mankind. Our world leaders want us to believe that this is all for the benefit of the people, that they have our best interests in mind. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Here is a little background …

I realize that most people do not have the perspective to understand this. It is not their fault they have fallen victim to a highly sophisticated form of mind control. It is insidious mind control they are flooded with from cradle to grave. It is not due to a lack of intelligence or intellect. They just have never been exposed to what is truly real. They never asked the questions that need to be asked.

I refer to the force in our culture that is the cause of our downfall, the mainstream media. The mainstream media is controlled by a handful of very powerful, very corrupt men. From them their policies flow down their corporate structures and form the tone and intentional disinformation we have today.

If you only follow mainstream TV, Radio, and Print you are not getting the true picture of the world. You are being downloaded what they want you to know, what they want you to believe, what they want you to be. Their thoughts become your thoughts. They are intentionally filling your mind with trivial and ultimately unimportant issues. It is a smoke screen to keep you passive, non-thinking, and docile. The best kind of sheeple.

What they want you to be is a non-thinking person. Someone who questions nothing and totally believes what is downloaded into them. I say downloaded because most people do not actually critically think about anything. They believe what someone tells them is true; they never critically research and question the party line. They watch or read the news and believe what they are told, never thinking, never asking the right questions needed to have an informed opinion. Most people are “repeaters” , people who just parrot what they have heard to be true. They talk to their friends who themselves are just “repeaters” and by agreeing on what is real reinforce their delusion. Gives them a false sense of what is true.

Almost every minute of every day you are fed disinformation of the nature of the world and the real issue it faces. TV, radio, and the uncountable advertisements we are exposed to everyday cloud our ability to sift through the mire and see the world as it truly is. They create celebrities and thus the phenomena of celebrity worship. These modern day gods are people who you will never meet, never talk to, never actually have a relationship with, but they download them to you in a way that makes you think they are your friends, or at least something you should care about.

None of what you see on TMZ is worth one microsecond of your time and attention. It is total garbage and one of the worst examples of what is wrong with our society. I ask you how is anything Lindsay Lohan, Justin Beiber, John Cena, or the non existent vampires from “Twilight” at all important? Stop getting your life from other people and vampires and start living yourself.

You are an intelligent human being, stop filling your mind with intellectual garbage. I want to state again this mass delusion is not your fault, they have made it near impossible to have the right perspective to ask the right questions. The people who control the media are absolute experts in manipulating you. You have been manipulated all your life. They have sharpened their control for hundreds of years.

I implore you stop being a “repeater”, actually think about what you see, take nothing on faith alone. Those TV personalities you trust to feed you the news are just reading what they have been told. They don’t know or care if the news they are telling you is true and worthy of your belief. They are the ultimate “repeaters” reading from teleprompters text they themselves never wrote.

Most of what you believe to be true is a LIE.

This is very difficult statement for some people to accept. Their pride gets in the way of admitting they have been duped. Pride cometh before a fall, and us as a whole are heading for the largest fall of our lives. The disparities of this make believe world most people exist in and the real world is becoming so vast and unattainable to sustain anymore. The mind controllers have almost shot their bolt and are hastening their plans before too many people wake up to their true agenda. Their agenda is to take total control over you and your lives in a manner never before seen. Full spectrum domination.

In history there have always been megalomaniacal leaders who had dreams of world domination. Time and time again they have attempted to take over the world through military force. Time and time again they have been stopped by opposing armies. They have never been able to create a one world government through brute military force. Brute military force does not work, it wakes up too many opponents. These opponents organize and fight back and luckily win so far.

These power hungry megalomaniacal eugenicists have not disappeared. Human nature has not changed enough to stop creating people who want it all at any costs. The only thing that has changed is the method of their take over plans. Instead of a gun they now yield a monetary reform. Take over the world through banking. This is a much more subversive and insidious way to do it, but it comes with no less casualties. They want to bring in one world banking system, with taxes all payable to the World Bank. They want to destroy the sovereignty of all nations and put them under one rule of law. The globalists have one major victory so far it is called the European Union. The EU is the first step in their plans to consolidate power. There is a plan in the works to join Canada, USA, and Mexico into one super state. The allegedly defunct Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) program along with NAFTA and GAT were designed to ease us into this idea. They actually already have minted the new currency for this super state, it is called the “Amero”. Good bye Loonie, Greenback, and the Paso, here comes the “Amero”. What it means to be Canadian, American, and Mexican is being gravely threatened.

They are aiming to obliterate our charter of rights and freedoms all Canadians currently enjoy. They want to destroy the US constitution for all the same reasons. These documents and ideals are all obstacles to their plans of making us surfs on the continent our forefathers have fought for.

Everyday almost we hear of new legislation that is designed to rob us of our freedoms piece by piece. This slow destruction of our freedoms has been coined the term ”Totalitarian Tip-Toe” . Small steps of erosion as opposed to big ones keep most of the sheeple asleep and unaware. If they made large sweeping reforms even the most brain atrophied TMZ viewer would stand up and take notice.

This whole push for globalization is their master plan. It is not for our best interests at all, but for consolidation of power on behalf of the power elites.

Stephen harper has sold us out in Canada to this global push to destroy all sovereign nations. I have included a video of Mr. Harper actually admitting he is for the destruction of Canada and what Canadians stand for. He should be tried for high treason and be treated as an enemy of the state. Of course that will never happen, but it is a logical conclusion of his actions.

Here are a few search terms you can use to find out the truth about what is happening. Google these to find out more:

Codex Alimentarius , Bilderburg Group, Council on Foreign relations, Club of Rome, Illuminati, and the Georgia Guide Stones. These are just a few ideas to get you started.

This topic is too vast to properly lay out in one article. I will continue to write about this because I feel deeply scared for all of us and our children that we are going into the abyss for which there is no escape.

Orwells "1984" and Huxleys "Brave New World" were not suppossed to be instruction manuals.


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  • Aleka J 4 years ago

    Down with all mind control

  • Mel Gibson 4 years ago

    Where can I buy a Tin Foil hat?

  • DivorceLawyer 4 years ago

    First Mel Gibson, you can get a Tin Foil hat aftter you stop hitting women and babies. Second pull your head outta your ass for just one moment so that oxygen can reach your brain. Big difference between being skeptical and being close minded.

  • JesusF'nchrist 4 years ago

    Harper actually said in th video that Canadian sovereignty is LOST and that we are now part of the GLOBALIST economy. The global economy is crap!!! Our economy is going down, just like they did to the US and Europe. The bankers are busting our economy too!

    F U Harper, thanks for selling us out!

  • Patrick Ross 4 years ago

    You clearly didn't think about that comment any more than the author actually thought about this article; considering how short your comment is compared to the larger article, that's not saying much about it.

    A key logical detail about your argument that serve to shred it:

    Harper notes that Canada is part of a larger global economy, and that free trade is building a larger global economy. The global economy was established long before Harper got into power.

    If anything, it was Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien and Paul Martin who sold us out.

    Then again, I don't expect coherent commentary to hold much sway here.

  • Allah 4 years ago

    Mel Gibson
    "Where can I buy a Tin Foil hat?"

    WOW where did you come up with that one? Soooooo funny!!!
    Poor sheep.......Even when there is a article to point them in the right direction they are to blind to read into it further.

  • Patrick Ross 4 years ago

    Here's an idea. When someone points out that you're being paranoid, paranoid remarks don't do much to dispel that impression.

  • Allah 4 years ago

    As for the Article its self, it is a good read but i was hoping for a more in depth look into Harper's dealings. There is more to the story and he is also turning his back on the ppl of Canada in many other ways.

  • Ed Anderson 4 years ago

    Hi my name is Ed Anderson. I'm a proud member of the BC Refed Party. I've been talking to a whole lotta people lately about what they think about current govt and politicians. The answer i get is always the same. Ther's no one worth voting .........for anymore. I have to agree with them because it seems no matter which party gets in, it's the same old lies and promises and nuthing gets done but BC Gets sold out still. People are mad and frustrated, they bitch and complain but they don't know what to do about it because they have no plan of action.

    However The BC Refed Party do have a plan and it's been working for the swiss for 150 yrs. It's called direct Democracy. Direct Democracy brings unity and residents together so they can make informed decisions through public referendums. Right now our current govt system decides on decisions like HST for ex. The premier and his Lieutenant Governor make final decisions on major issue so public initiatives aren't binding on Govt. There's no accountability and the power just gets passed around from party to party so the people get lied to in the end.

    The BC Refed Party wants to remove the current govt system and put the people into power. So here's a basic outline of what Bc Refed wants to offer the people.

    1.. The BC Refed Party has written a constitution that protects the people. It's put forth so the people of BC can scrutinze it and agree on a workable Constituion.2. Next the BC REfed Party has given Direct Democracy to the People of BC. This Means that any and all Legislation goes before the people through Public referendums before it becomes law. This gives the People of BC The power to limit and define the powers of their elected representatives. And therefore what the people of BC decide is binding on govt. So people can control politicians During and in between elections. This makes Politicians accountable for their actions and can be dealt with accordingly again by the people of BC.3. Then the BC Refed Party wants to deal with Ottawa through Victoria on Issues like HST, Income Tax, Pensions, Infrastructure, Heathcare, Education etc. So The People of BC will decide what Ottawa gets through Referendums or declarations. Right now BC is paying out HST to Ottawa and The Province of BC has to make declarations and ask for ex. we need 2 billion for healthcare, 1 billion for infrastructure,3 billion for education etc. Then Ottawa decides what they give us. Through this current HST system we already lost 5 billion dollars. Thats what it will take to scrap the HST through our current govt system. If we had a Direct Democracy system, the HST wouldn't have been forced on the BC people because it would have been vetoed by the people right on the spot.

    So i'm asking all of you to spread the word about BC REfed Party and bring Democracy to BC. No other Party can offer what BC REfed Has to offer.

    BC REfed Supports, WE Are Change, 9/11 truthers movement and all other groups that promote unity and equality.

    Please check out Alberta Refed too.

    Ontario REfed is in the making also So let's Join together and bring Democracy to the people by the power of the people and take back our privinces one by one.

    Ed Anderson Bc Refed Party

  • Amero 4 years ago

    Got to love the new Amero coin, an eagle on top of the globe, talons locked in. That is exactly how Nazi coins looked, except it was the Reich eagle and not the bald eagle.

    History will teach us nothing...Sting

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