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Stephen Colbert wins Grammy for ‘Best Spoken Word Album’

Stephen Colbert wins Grammy
Stephen Colbert wins Grammy
Photo by Stephen Lovekin

Stephen Colbert had the fans at the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards smiling when his name was called on Sunday afternoon. Part of the earlier Grammy Awards presentation, the award for Best Spoken Word Album was handed to the popular Comedy Central talk show host for America Again.

Unfortunately there were no big bands, no ridiculous cut away to a segments as fans might see on the Colbert Report. Instead it was a nice moment that had everyone impressed with the accomplishment of the popular celebrity, but he wasn't there.

"Colbert won. I was pulling for me," wrote Billy Crystal on his Twitter account on Sunday after the Comedy Central star won the award.

While everyone might admit that it was a bummer to see that Stephen Colbert wasn't around, but the award show buzz was all about Beyonce and Jay-Z. With the two stars expected to kick off the prime time Grammys, it didn't seem to matter that Colbert wasn't in town and even Billboard just casually mentioned that there was no Colbert.

Being that I was covering the Grammys live, I must say I missed the chance to see Colbert and beg for an autograph. It would have been an epic request and frankly the charming host probably wouldn't have said no. Or so I hope!

Comedy Central fans congratulate Stephen Colbert on his big win. He may not be in Los Angeles, but everyone can still go out for a beer on his behalf.

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