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Stephen Colbert reveals cutest One Direction artist at ‘People’s Choice’ (video)

One Direction fans might disagree with Stephen Colbert’s assessment of the British band. The comedian was sharing a few insights about the 40th annual People’s Choice Awards held in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday night and it appears that he has a favored artist in the band. While the segment was a spoof for everyone’s amusement, it was still intriguing to hear the groans from the fans at the Nokia.

“Which member of One Direction is the cutest?” asked Stephen Colbert when sharing why the People’s Choice Awards were so important. “Obviously Liam. Obviously.” However as fans know this issue wasn't even a category on the ballots this year, but Colbert won the trophy for Favorite Late Night Talk Host.

While some of Liam Payne’s fans might agree, the majority of the One Direction fans might have other choices in mind. Liam isn't in the top stars of the band when it comes to interest of the individual artists. Niall Horan is always being discussed in the media and Harry Styles has photographers running after him just to get a show of his hair (plus he has more Twitter followers than anyone else.)

Take a look at Stephen Colbert’s declaration to decide which One Direction is the cutest. He is right about the choice of the people and being this is the first award season of the year, the fans couldn't be happier!

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