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Stephen Colbert ‘Late Show’ called the perfect choice by CBS

It just took one week for CBS to quell all the rumors about who would replace David Letterman as the host of “Late Show.” While many names including Conan O’Brien and Chelsea Handler were thrown up, it was Stephen Colbert that CBS chose to replace Letterman on late night television. According to The Hollywood Reporter on April 10, CBS chairman Nina Tassler called Stephen Colbert the perfect choice.

Stephen Colbert Late Show a perfect choice
Photo by Theo Wargo

“We talked about a lot of people and his name stood way above everybody else's,” Tassler said. “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. It's a big, big seat to fill and he is the perfect choice to honor Dave's legacy.”

Colbert got his start alongside Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” and learned the ins and outs of the talk show business from one of the best. Colbert then started his own talk show on Comedy Central, where he portrayed a right-wing character who pretended to be an idiot extremist when it came to his views, always staying in character.

This has caused some fans to confuse his gimmick for his true views, such as when he compared the Washington Redskins’ defense of their team name to naming an Asian community after a stereotypical Asian name. It was easy to see his sarcasm in the statement, but it apparently wasn’t clear enough for the people who started a campaign to have Colbert fired.

It came as one of the more entertaining political shows, giving all the proper news while entertaining fans with his own idiotic statements about that news. According to Forbes, Colbert will leave that right-wing gimmick behind when he takes over for David Letterman on “Late Show.”

This is tricky, because Colbert will now have to prove to his fans that he can remain funny without using the gimmick that most of his fans have grown to love. Colbert will take on a more basic role as a late night talk show host, and will be able to retain his sense of humor, just without the political overtones.

The Stephen Colbert “Late Show” will start sometime in 2015 when David Letterman determines when he will finally step down. According to CBS, that decision is completely in the hands of Letterman himself.

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