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Stephen Colbert is completely nuts? Super Bowl ad teased for pistachios (video)

Stephen Colbert might be completely nuts and it is OK to say this from the tallest building in the world and not worry about being sued. Why? The entertainer released a new Super Bowl commercial teaser and the star has a bowl of nuts in his hand. Yep, he is the new spokesperson for Wonderful Pistachios. According to AdWeek on Thursday, the new teasers are amusing and give fans an idea of what they will see on game day.

The star looks to be getting ready for his big moment on stage when he directs his attention to the camera. Sharing that the big game is being played in-between his commercials, the entertainer looks so happy to have the attention. Showcasing a boil of pistachios, the star seems to have a handle on the upcoming Super Bowl commercials.

It is the ending of the teaser that has everyone intrigued. While the teasers of the Super Bowl ads offer hints, the screeching of the bird at the very end of the commercial has people wondering if there is something more to Colbert’s ads too. Talking to the bird, it appears the animal might be involved in the ads.

Take a look at Stephen Colbert in the new Wonderful Pistachios teasers for Super Bowl Sunday. Colbert is one of a dozen stars lending their voices for some funny moments during the big game.

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