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Stephen Cochran comes to the Crofoot

(February 9, 2010 press release)
This week, February 10th – 12th members of the R & D program will be in Nashville to shoot video about “85 years of Research & Development” which Cochran will be a part of. The video is to inform veterans on what types of research is being done and offer them hope through those types of different research projects that Veterans affairs is conducting. Having directly benefited from VA research, and making no secret of the fact that he deals with (PTSD), Cochran is thankful to be picked to work with the VA to help get the word out to fellow veterans that there is an explanation to why they feel the way they do and that there is treatment and hope for a better life.

Stephen Cochran
Stephen Cochran

“Knowing that your feelings are not uncommon for a person who has experienced trauma is huge—and not just military trauma, but any trauma, even from car accidents. And it’s not just the person dealing with PTSD who needs help, but also their families,” Cochran says. “Having HOPE, and knowing that there are treatments that work and people who care, is what keeps you going.”

The video will include not only Cochran, but also many veteran volunteers from the Nashville VA and surrounding areas and Nashville locations like The Sound Emporium Recording Studio, The Veteran War Memorial and the Nashville VA Hospital. It will be made available to veterans during their kick off week for Research & Development held in April in Washington D.C. where Cochran will speak to veterans and perform.

For more information and an itinerary for this weeks events, contact Andie Lynne (615) 568-0044
For more information on the VA Research & Development week contact

Can you say you’ve always known what you wanted to do? Stephen Cochran can, since the age of three when he did his first radio interview he knew that it was something he wanted to do. He has developed the determination to succeed in the Country Music industry in part by being brought up around it and from his tour of duty in the US Marine Corp. They taught him structure and gave him the drive to do any thing he set his mind to. He says “I love the Marine Corps” and they did a lot to build his character. Following a return home from Afghanistan with a severe back injury Stephen used his recovery time to reignite his passion for writing music.

His musically talented father Steve Cochran who was a songwriter may have fueled his love for music, an artist on Music Row he worked with many Country Music legends in Nashville.

Michigan is another one of Stephens loves and he returns home to Waterford, MI every Christmas where his “Granny” still lives and he visits as much as possible throughout the year. He has great memories of growing up there and his oldest friends are still in Michigan.
Every song that he writes he has lived and he knows exactly what comes next.
By the way he says, “We are going to rock the roof off the Crofoot!”

Watch for Stephen Cochran appearing at The Crofoot in downtown Pontiac, MI Saturday, March 27, 2010, and sitting in as a special guest Buffy Lawson with Julianne, Austin Scott Trio, & Annabelle Road.



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