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Stephen Baldwin Directs First Music Video "Break The Cycle" by Cory Lamb

Cory Lamb's Video "Break The Cycle" is Directorial Debut for Actor, Stephen Baldwin
Cory Lamb's Video "Break The Cycle" is Directorial Debut for Actor, Stephen Baldwin
Photo Courtesy of Myriam Santos

Actor Stephen Baldwin is adding Director to his resume with his debut into the world of music videos. In his search for his first foray, he put the word out into the universe that he was looking for just the right song in which to dive in. His one caveat, he had to love the song. Through a few mutual acquaintances, Baldwin came upon a song by 26 year-old Cory Lamb. The single, entitled “Break the Cycle," was to be Baldwin's first music video as director.

Immediately upon hearing the song, Baldwin had a vision in his head for exactly how he would direct the video and this dream was soon to become a reality. Looking to start directing, Baldwin felt that music videos would be the perfect avenue into that arena. Attracted to Lamb’s positive message of resisting drugs, alcohol and violence, he felt a connection to the song and decided that he wanted this to be the first music video that he would direct. Lamb loved the idea!

Baldwin and Lamb formed the perfect partnership and they quickly went to work. When asked why it is that he chose to focus on songs with messages of resisting drugs and violence when these have proven to be popular themes with much of today’s music, Lamb explained, “I lived in Los Angeles for about two years and I kind of just saw a lot of drugs and alcohol around and it bummed me out. I saw people around me ruining their lives; drinking until they couldn’t remember what they were doing. And I saw how many kids out there were seeing this as an example. One such example now is the show 'Jersey Shore' and I am sure that these are probably great people and I am in no way judging, but watching them destroy themselves really just bums me out.”

This was the catalyst for Lamb, who says of this time in his life, that this was where he first got his inspiration to write music with positive messages. “I wanted to tell kids that this is not all there is. My goal was to inspire and motivate not only kids, but everyone.” His goal is to help people to want and expect more for themselves and their lives. Our world, he says, “is forgetting love” and his intention with his songs is to give kids hope.

He himself never had an issue with drugs or alcohol, but he says that he did have friends that had these issues. “I don’t know why they did drugs, they must’ve had pain and I just hope that my music alleviates people’s pain so they don’t turn to drugs and alcohol.”

Since their collaboration, Lamb has performed on shows like “Good Day Dallas” on FOX, “Daybreak Arkansas” on NBC, and AOL’s “PopEater” which ran a feature calling the young artist “forceful and infectious.”

Up next for Lamb? He will be touring nationwide in several Christian Music Festivals – the first of which is called ICHTHUS on June 15th to the 18th in Wilmore, KY. His next single, “It’s A Good Day,” is out this June and his new full-length album, “Break the Cycle,” will be out on June 21st with Black Sheep Entertainment Records.

To learn more about Cory Lamb and get a list of all upcoming tour dates, please visit his websites at:!/corylamb

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