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Stephanie Seymour and sons: 'Down right creepy' in Harper's Bazaar photo shoot

Stephanie Seymour posed with her two grown sons for a spread in Harper's Bazaar and the claim that it is just "downright creepy" seems to describe the first impression for many today. "What's wrong with this picture?" asks on Feb. 13.

Stephanie Seymour's Harper's Bazaar photo shoot is just "downright creepy" with her two sons.
Sebastian Faena/ Harpers Bizarre, YouTube screenshot

The 44-year-old Seymour is seen in lingerie in some very provocative poses with her boys, according to "Fox and Friends" on Thursday morning Feb. 13. The "down right creepy" description was just one of the many comments coming off their morning show today after seeing the shocking pictures.

This isn't the first time that Seymour has done more than raise eyebrows in a provocative pose with her teens. A picture of Seymour and her son Peter kissing on the beach with his hand on the side of his mother's breast last year was disturbing to see. Peter took to Facebook to defend the picture by saying that he was openly gay so people shouldn't get their feathers ruffled over that picture. Here is what he posted:

"My mother and I are very close as she is with all her children ... We have nothing to hide and with that in mind I would like to say that I am openly gay ... and yes, our relationship may be different because of my sexuality."

You can see that picture here on Google Images.

The Harper's Bazaar photo shot has Peter, 20 and her son Harry, 17, in the pictures. Poor Harry looks like a lost puppy in a few of the shots, but Peter looks like he is really into the posing which includes kneeling and holding his mother's leg.

The new pictures are disturbing, it is just not what you would want out of a mother and her two grown sons. Harper's Bazaar calls them "a fashionable family who doesn't take itself too seriously."

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