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Stephanie Jacobsen 'NCIS': Could she be the new love interest for DiNozzo?

Stephanie Jacobsen
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

It looks like DiNozzo will be getting a love interest on "NCIS" this season. It looks like there is an addition to the cast that may have been brought in just for this part. On Tuesday, Entertainment Weekly shared the news about the addition of Stephanie Jacobsen to the cast. As of right now, the role is considered possibly recurring but they haven't said how long she will be there.

She will be a strong woman. Jacobsen is playing FBI Special Agent Leia Pendergast. This is the perfect part because she will be partnered up with DiNozzo and while they are working together the sparks will start to fly. This is something fans have wanted to see for a while is a big love interest and finally it is here.

Here is what is being said about her character, "Armed but feminine, sexy and single, cool and confident. A former U.S. Marshal-turned FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force leader, she is flirtatious and adventurous with a sense of humor. Leia is a straight shooter, brash when she needs to be. She isn’t afraid to knock down doors or egos." This sounds like a great character that hopefully stick around for a while.

The new season of "NCIS" is going to start airing on September 23 on CBS. Stephanie Jacobsen will not be on the show until October though. At this time, they have not shared exactly how many episodes she will be on just that she is simply coming to the show for a bit. This character has not been picked up for the entire season yet, but you never know what they will decide to do with her either.

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