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Stephanie Alba says she would be open to fight in MMA league for little people

During the Jan. 20 episode of ProWMMA Now!, Texas star Stephanie "The Cyclone" Alba says she would be open to a fight in an MMA league designed for little people if the right opportunity was to present itself.

Alba, 31, is often matched up against opponents much taller than her because it has been difficult to find anyone close to her size in the female atomweight division, so she admits it would be nice to have a height and reach advantage for once.

"The Cyclone" stands in at just 4-foot-10, which legally qualifies her as a midget.

"I know it was a joke at first, but if it came up, I mean if the money was right I would definitely do it," Alba said when asked by show host Gina Begley if she would be open to a bout in an MMA league specifically designed for little people.

"I mean, I don't know if I should say these things, but I'm a midget myself, you know? But like I feel like I'd have the reach and that kind of thing. If the opportunity came up and the money was right, yeah I'd probably do it. Is that horrible? Am I horrible?

"That would be fun because at least it would be fighting someone my size. I don't think I've fought anyone my height or anything. So yeah at least I'd be fighting someone my height. That would be fun."

Typically, female atomweights stand 5-foot-2 or taller. Since Alba stands close to the 4-foot-10 mark, she's often at a significant height disadvantage.

Alba gave up four inches in her bout against Katelyn Radka when they fought in the summer of 2013, and she's three inches shorter than Paulina "Firefox" Granados, a woman she fought twice.

MMA bouts featuring little people have gone down everywhere from Alabama to Thailand, but so far they have only featured male competitors.

If Alba joined the little person MMA circuit, she would become the first known female to do so.

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