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Step up your gaming audio in style with the Hampden from Polk Audio

Polk’s Hampden Speaker
Polk’s Hampden Speaker
Photo courtesy of Polk Audio, used with permission.

Looking to bring your gaming, music, and video audio to a new level? Polk Audio announced June, 3, 2014 that their latest bookshelf loudspeaker the Hampden is now available. One of the unique things about these speakers is that they're designed to be either a desktop or an extension of a larger home theater system. And thanks to Bluetooth, the Hampden will step up the audio on your tablets and cellphones too.

Polk’s Hampden Speaker
Photo courtesy of Polk Audio, used with permission.

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You'll notice immediately that the Hampden doesn't look like other speakers: It boasts an elegant all-wood cabinet with a white glass front with a rotary wheel for volume control. Certainly more attractive than the drab black boxes that currently sit on our desk.

Another unique feature is that the Hampden is angled up, to direct sound powered by two 1-inch soft-dome silk/polymer tweeters and two 4.5-inch polypropylene woofers with rubber surrounds at listeners. Each driver and tweeter also comes with a dedicated amplifier, creating an exceptionally natural sound and clarity throughout the frequency range. Additionally, Polk added in a fully digital amp, which bypasses a computer's digital to analog converter and handles all of the Digital Signal Processing when connected via USB.

The Hampden also streams audio via Polk’s DJ Stream App, which allows four people to connect to the Hampden as DJs and create a playlist from music libraries on their device. This allows friends to take turns adding music to the playlist, and up to 128 guests can vote on the music or become an "active DJ" if one of the four connected people disconnects. Certainly an interesting party feature we're looking forward to testing out.

According toMichael DiTullo, the chief design officer of sound united.

With Hampden, we wanted to create a home audio solution that brings great sound and increased functionality to the desktop while reflecting the retro design aesthetic seen in our recently launched Heritage Collection of personal audio accessories. Hampden captures the essence of a classic pair of Polk speakers, featuring a timeless yet minimalist design that fits well in the home office or living room. By adding USB connectivity, Bluetooth wireless technology and compatibility with our DJ Stream App, users now have more listening options and access to an interactive element that creates a more social and sharable music playing experience.

The Hampden is available for $399.95 at and select retailers including: Crutchfield, Stereo Advantage and Worldwide Stereo. The DJ Stream app is also available for free download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

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