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Step up to your potty for your health

I must say, I was skeptical. A local entrepreneur was touting a new product, Step and Go, which is supposed to help you, well, help you poop better.

Poo the way you were meant to.
Poo the way you were meant to.
A new product can make things easier in the bathroom.

It's all with the use of a step that goes around the base of your toilet and essentially you step on it and squat. It's supposed to be better for your health. Actually, it is, and it does work.

Lately, I've been plagued with kidney stone issues. I never associated this with my Multiple Sclerosis. Yet, I had urinary bleeding and stones all the way back to 2000 when I was first diagnosed with MS. I passed the stones at that time, but two months ago, I had to have surgery on two very large stones that would not pass. There were four in my bladder and two in my kidney.

A new urologist I was assigned to is also an expert in MS, and for the first time I heard that the frequent kidney infections I've had over the years, and the frequent urination issues and the stones could all possibly be MS related.

I felt like those old guys in the commercials who have to go to the bathroom every few minutes, and I'm only 52.

So, the Step and Go is a toilet accessory that fits at the base of any toilet and it allows you to go the way our ancestors did. Yoga instructors, and health gurus who have done tours of Asia say that this way of going to the bathroom helps eliminate more, and causes fewer infections in the long run.

So the squatting elevates the feet effectively aligning and opening the colon for easier, healthier elimination. Using Step and Go alters toilet posture offers numerous benefits for colon health while helping avoid hemorrhoids, constipation, colon disease, urinary infections, bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and pelvic floor issues.

Check out the funny video that explains proper bathroom posture attached above.

The most common bowel dysfunction associated with an MS sufferer is constipation and involuntary bowel incontinence.

Along with help with things like the Step and Go, one can add fiber and more fluids to their diets, and establish a regular bowel routine. Regular and frequent physical activity and avoiding greasy and spicy foods can also help.

Studies show that bladder impairments can affect 78% to 90% of MS patients.

Obviously, my experience is anecdotal and can't be gospel for everyone, but after a month of use, I lost 10 pounds and I have had to make fewer bathroom runs through the night than usual.

For more information go to: The cost for the basic plastic model is $24.95 and a more stylish bamboo version is $69.95.

For information about kidney and bladder issues for people with MS go to: and also check the WebMD information:

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