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'Step Up All In' Trailer Takes the Dance Battle to Vegas

The better you can pop 'n lock or spin on your head, the better the world will be. That's pretty much been the point of the Step Up franchise up to this point, especially as the more recent films in the inexplicably long-lived series have taken a more political slant. The "house Channing Tatum built" doesn't have the box office pull it once had, but it's enough to convince practically every former star to return for the fifth film, Step Up All In.

Briana Evigan, Adam Sevani, and Ryan Guzman are back for 'Step Up All In'

The first trailer for Step Up All In has hit the linoleum, and it's exactly what one might expect, only now it's in Vegas where a huge dance competition (well, duh!) is taking place. Briana Evigan, Ryan Guzman, Adam "Moose"Sevani, the awesome Alyson Stoner, and others are back to wear garish costumes and steal all of Bugaloo Shrimp's (look him up) best dance moves. It's ridiculous as Hell but you know you want to see it.

Directed by Trish Sie, Step Up All In opens in 3D on July 25th.

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