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Step outside for a fall photo opportunity and take your own holiday photos

Black and white photos add depth
Black and white photos add depth

Fall is here in full swing. It’s dark at six o’clock. You need to bundle up in the morning. You’ve already started thinking about holiday parties and gift giving. The portrait studios have sent you holiday coupons. This year, take your own photos.

Nature provides the best scenery you’d ever need for photos. Instead of choosing a faux fall backdrop at a portrait studio, grap your camera and head outside. Sitting beside a REAL tree with colorful leaves on the ground will surely look better and be way more fun for your kids.

Don’t worry about buying an elaborate holiday outfit for photos. Dress your kids in their favorite outfit or buy something they can wear again. The best photos are those that seem natural.

Need a little help getting started? Check out Kodak’s tips for taking great photos, or these fall photo tips.

Use what will be great photos for your holiday cards. Speaking of holiday cards, Walgreens has great prices on photo cards and gifts. Choose a mug for Granny, calendar for Dad, or just order prints. Or, share your über cute fall photos using Smilebox. Smilebox is a great way to share photos using pre-designed templates and albums.

While you are outside, take a little time to talk to your kids about what has changed from the summer. Ask them to point out a few things that are different. In case you need reminding- the trees have lost their leaves; leaves have turned colors; there aren’t so many little critters flying around; it gets dark earlier- you know, all of the things you learned about fall as a kid.