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"Step into the new thing God is doing and you'll spring into this new season"

New growth
New growth
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Stepping into that new thing God has for us is not always easy. For some, walking out of and away from the old and into the new can be uncomfortable, stressful, harrowing, or downright scary. For others, we embrace changes in life as easily as we embrace the change of seasons. For me personally, unless it's time to go into a cold Chicago winter, the change of seasons (and assignments) usually excites me. To stay stagnant, unmoving, not growing, or reverting backwards spells doom and depression, even imminent death for this passionate God chaser and life embracer. I think one of the worst things for me would be to not become or do all God meant for me to become or do. When that is inside you, one must go hard after the things God has called us to and wants for us.

Mostly, God wants us to become fully devoted followers of His, which means we must go hard after Him in worship, prayer and study of His word. Aside from that obvious call for all Christians, given the fact that we have such a big planet filled with so many amazing people, places and things, in order to experience all He has, the "new" also seems central to God's divine plan. If we claim Him as Lord and Savior, we are His new creations, after all. Still, wisdom must also lead us to pursue balance, given the vastness of all the Lord has created for us to enjoy and experience. We must navigate carefully and understand clearly who we are and who we are not in order to grab hold of that which we're intended to and release that which we are released from. If we're in tune to a God who never changes but who sent His son so that we wouldn't have to stay the same (in our sinful, fallen state), then we have to be constantly on the look out for His next assignment and new season so we can continue to grow into the most beautiful new creation we can be for His glory, for our well being and to best serve others.

A good solider in the army of the Lord must be ready to get dispatched at anytime, go where he/she is called to go, do what they are called to do. Unless trained by God's faithfulness, molded by His grace and led by His spirit, we find it hard to pack up and suit up for duty when the draft papers or assignments come. New is daunting; it's unknown. But for those who are all too familiar with just how good God is, how He really does work all things together for our good, we eagerly await our marching orders for each new chapter of life. Our Commander in Chief, our chief cornerstone, the architect and builder of our faith has so many grand assignments, exciting adventures and awesome opportunities for us to experience so that we may enjoy the abundant life He died to give us. He doesn't change things up on us to throw us off balance, but to bring balance.

Isaiah 43:18-21 has been impressed upon my spirit this entire past month and I don't think it's just because we are entering the Spring season, yet we often see the natural and supernatural working in tandem or following close behind one another. There is something brand new God is trying to do in His people, His church and on this planet, yet so many are trying to revert to the old. "See I am doing a new thing, do you not perceive it?" Why was that question asked in the book of Isaiah if it wouldn't hold true that some would miss it? This new thing, it springs forth from the ground, it gives water to those who praise His name. It's a good thing, and still, some choose to stop, stay or go backwards. A plant, flower, or tree doesn't ever go back down into the ground once it sprouts from the earth, it grows and goes on to accomplish that which it was meant to accomplish ... or it dies. A healthy plant, flower or tree feeds the air, soaks up the sun, gives off a sweet aroma, adds beauty, provides fruit. We too are meant to feed His sheep, soak up His Son, be a sweet smell in His nostrils, reflect His beautiful glory and bear good fruit.

Living, healthy organisms are not meant to go back down into the ground, we're meant to blossom and flourish. That's not to say we don't learn from and appreciate our past and move forward with proven methods that may help with advancement. Some things can come along for the ride and make it a smoother one, but other things will merely weigh down your blooming branches as God tries to make you into His righteous oak or like a cedar in Lebanon. Though we're all bound to hit those dreaded potholes once Spring has sprung (if you live in the Midwest that is), to wait for a bumpy-less ride when the new season is sprouting would be even more aggravating than waiting for the Chicago Department of Transportation to fill the crater sized land mines that have consumed every thoroughfare in this City. Let's get to growing and get going. Regardless of a few obstacles in our path, what's at the end of a new and rewarding road will never be discovered if we won't venture out, whether our navigation device is functional or not. Remember, Abraham did not know where he was going, but was told to go anyway and would then be shown his promised land. We can't get too dependent on the old, nor upon the new gadgets or gimmicks that make the way easy for a time, but can just as easily drop signals (lose direction) and leave us stranded. Rely completely upon the guidance of God and heed the Holy Spirit.

For most of us, it's not that we don't desire the new. None of us likes to wear the same clothes year after year, yet some can find it so difficult to step out of a comfortable old pair of shoes that are out of date, dilapidated, stench filled and have broken down arches. These kind of soles no longer support your soul or anyone else's for that matter.

You can't get to your next new level unless you get off of the one you are on, so step into God's new direction and all He has for you without fear or anxiety. Father God's got you! So if you know He is saying, "this is the way I want you to go, walk in it" then try those new shoes on for size and see how great they will affect your walk ... and your NEW life. Change is good, it can be life giving, if we approach it with the right attitude. Embrace your next chapter and this Spring season with a spring in your step and a song in your heart as the sun (and Son) shine brightly upon you.

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