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Step by Step Instructions for On-Page SEO

Using SEO has become imperative for companies who want to drive traffic to their website. Research has shown that the majority of your competitors are using SEO and it's easy to get started, so there's no excuses to not implement SEO today! Google Panda 4.0 has made it so that for SEO to work for you, you need to have quality content that is unique but there are still some general guidelines that remain the same.

Getting Started - Keyword Research

First off, you will need to do some keyword research. Google offers a keyword tool that allows you to see what keywords your customers or potential customers are using to find your website. You will want to use these keywords appropriately and strategically on your website.

Second - Page Titles

Page titles are also important when using SEO. Page titles are at the very top of the page and should include at least one of your keywords. It's ok to use more that one keyword in your page title. But as I will explain further in a moment, you don't want to use the same keyword too often.

Third - Content

You want to use your keyword in your page title and then throughout your page or blog post, but you don't want your page to include the same keyword too many times or Google will see it as keyword spamming, and it will actually hurt your ranking in Google. Usually using your keyword 1-3% is a good range, and spread the keyword out so it's in the beginning, middle and end of your page. Also, in your post, try to link other pages from your website to that page. It is helpful to have links connected to other areas of your website.


These are simple steps to start implementing some basic SEO onto your website today. It's important that the content you use on your website is not coming from another site (it's original) and that you use your keywords strategically and moderation. If you need help starting SEO please give us a call (403) 464-7559 or send us an email!

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