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Step by step guide to grilled skirt steak

Step by step guide to grilled skirt steak-slide0
Kristin King

Skirt steak is a long strip of meat from the diaphragm of the cow. It’s an often overlooked meat because of its fatty connective tissue and odd shape. Many skirt steak aficionados say that it has to be marinated in order to break down all of the connective tissue…it’s too tough, but that’s simply not true. Yes, skirt steak tastes great with a marinade of say beer, lime juice and cilantro like in this recipe, but it’s fantastic with just a hefty sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Step by step guide to grilled skirt steak
Kristin King

Skirt steak is for true meat lovers. If you like cuts of meat with a super beefy taste – this is it. In my opinion, this is probably the beefiest tasting cut of the cow. This long, fibrous strip of meat is often used for fajitas because it “has” to be marinated. In my experience using this cut – and I use it quite often – a marinade doesn’t really work. Skirt steak has to be cooked to medium rare or it will be tough as nails. You can really only taste the marinade on the outside and, if it’s marinated too long, the meat gets mushy.

So for this non recipe, I’m going to show you the best way to prepare a skirt steak with only 3 ingredients.

Step 1: Grab a skirt steak at your butcher or grocery store. They’re typically about 1 ½ pounds.

Step 2: Lay it out on a cutting board and find the thin silver skin on the backside of the meat. Try and peel as much of that off as possible.

Step 3: Cut the skirt steak into manageable portion sizes. If you’re grill is big enough, just leave it be.

Step 4: Start your grill. High heat is the only way to go with this…let it heat up for at least 10 minutes.

Step 5: Liberally salt and pepper both sides of the steak. I only use kosher salt.

Step 6: Grill; 3 or 4 minutes a side until medium rare.

Step 7: Let rest at least 10 minutes.

Step 8: Slice thinly against the grain.

Step 9: Stuff your face.

The best part of skirt steak is the fatty layer that becomes beautifully caramelized while it's grilling. This steak is truly perfection.

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