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Step away from these words right now

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Words photo
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Some things we have to stop saying, right this minute. Step away from these words:


All of a sudden this word is popping up everywhere. Here's a good rule: if you hear a word applied in new ways and frequently, don't jump on the bandwagon. You would have used a different word if bully weren't so popular. Use that word. A person (conservative) wins a debate against a liberal. That's "bullying". The loser is now a victim. Don't fall for it.

Double Down:

This term is fashionable on political news shows. Someone has done something or said something odious and instead of apologizing he or she "doubled down" on the proposition. So cool. No it isn't.


We're equal in the eyes of the law. Except in tax laws, then we're unequal. Isn't that inequality? No, not if you have a moral axe to grind. Some people are rich some people are poor. That's unequal results. If anyone complains about "inequality" ask them if they've given their hard earn dollars to someone making less so than he or she has made things "equal" in their "personable space". If not, it's a charade. Furthermore, like all other words here, it has become fashionable just because an ideological hero has mentioned it. It's also what's called a hive mentality. North Korea is a utopia for this kind of equality. Is that the goal?

Care Givers:

Aw, blessed be the care givers. What's a care giver? Nurse, Nurses aid? We need to support care givers of our sick and elderly. Baloney! There's no such occupation. Stop it now. This means you Hillary.


This has a more broadened definition to reflect anyone who doesn't agree with the president. And it only applies to white Americans thereby making the user a hypocrite. Racist is the new communism, only from the other direction.

War on Women:

Against abortion? War on Women. Being against government coercion of churches to obey ObamaCare? War on Women. Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton? Swell guys, they're one of us. Oh, Sarah Palin is a "ditz", "caribou barbie".


Yea right. The word liberal isn't even accurate but it has such a negative reputation that I now prefer it. Liberal is so negative that this pretend political movement wants to change their name to "progressive" but the problem is there is no progress.

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