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Step 1: Starting that New Year's Resolution aka the pesky Diet

Where oh where to begin for the pesky weight loss and/or regaining that sexy sleek form? Just show up at Lifetime Fitness and work out? Follow a new diet? What is step 1?

Step 1:

Step one is to decide upon the diet you wish to follow.

A plan needs to be drawn up and studied for proper ability to gain what you seek. Figure out that diet you wish to follow, set guidelines to the type of foods, restrictions to what cannot be consumed, and a chart of what you will eat for the following week.

The task of setting each meal up for the entire week may be tedious, but in the long run will help keep you stuck to the diet. Grocery shopping will be easy and you won't be pursuaded as easily to pick up the junk food. Plus you can plan accordingly to how and when you will eat each day.

Tomorrow different diets and the perfect diet will be covered. Stay tuned for a workout plan that's not only for rowers, but can be for everyone!

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