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Steny Hoyer's fiscal duplicity

House Majority Leader (D-MD) Steny Hoyer spent the past twenty-nine years in Congress voting for deficit laden budgets, requesting federal funds for pork-barrel projects, spending other people’s money, and increasing the public debt. Last week, Hoyer’s speech at the Brookings Institution referenced “fiscal responsibility” even though Hoyer’s political career epitomizes fiscal recklessness and irresponsibility.

Hoyer expects the American people to believe he possesses an insightful perspective into the fiscal calamity facing our country. Hoyer feigns concern over the public debt and his speech is duplicitous based upon his actions in Congress. Hoyer said:

Never in my decades in Congress have I seen a public so outraged by deficits and debt. But this moment of historic awareness is also a moment of historic opportunity. We can waste it in opportunism, in slogans and symbolic solutions—or we can rededicate ourselves to the painful, unglamorous, and indispensible work of fiscal discipline.

Hoyer implies the American public has finally awakened to Congressional irresponsibility, and because the people are holding the federal government accountable, Congress must finally act upon the public’s outage. Hoyer’s arrogance and presumptuous attitude towards the American people is why they are outraged. Hoyer admits he is motivated by public outrage not by some moral, fiscal, or constitutional imperative. If Hoyer was genuinely concerned with America’s best interest he would have addressed the public debt and deficit spending long before public outrage motivated him to act.

Hoyer intends to create the illusion he is the proverbial white knight riding in to rescue the American people from financial ruin. Hoyer has the audacity to suggest he is going to rescue us from him. Hoyer’s call for fiscal responsibility is a nothing less than a pompous, self-serving, arrogant politician recognizing his political future depends on how he can leverage a crisis to his own personal benefit. Steny Hoyer epitomizes everything hard-working, middle-class Americans despise in their elected leaders. Hoyer is nothing more than a Party hack.

Lest we forget Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi had the temerity to publicly attack Americans for protesting against our government. Hoyer and Pelosi wrote an op-ed piece in USA Today criticizing health-care protestors and labeling them “Un-American”. Hoyer and Pelosi went on to say:

Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades.

Drowning out the facts is precisely how Hoyer and his corruptible cronies on Capital Hill got America into this financial calamity. In a Huffington Post article Hoyer co-authored, he instantly shifted the burden on our children rather than placing the blame on Congress. The opening sentence of Hoyer’s article is:

Everyday, our children are accumulating debt and interest they'll spend their lives paying off, curtailing their ability to meet challenges and invest in the future.

Hoyer begins by stating our children are accumulating debt. No Steny, Congress is accumulating debt and placing the burden on our children and future generations to pay it off. Congress is curtailing their future. Hoyer closed his argument with this statement:

That outcome can still be avoided, but only if we rededicate our country to responsibility.

Hoyer ends by asserting the American people need to be responsible. No Steny, the majority of Americans are fiscally responsible. If a family earns $50,000 per year they don’t spend $75,000 per year, and then repeat that for ten consecutive years. Congress needs to rededicate itself to fiscal responsibility. The simplest way to do that is to uphold your oath to the Constitution and adhere to the original meaning and intent of the Constitution. Sadly, that’s too much to expect from you.

Steny Hoyer arrived in Congress in 1981 when the public debt was less than $1 trillion. Hoyer, by virtue of affirmatively voting for annual budgets, is complicit in creating $12 trillion of public debt. Hoyer frequently and repeatedly requests earmarks for pork barrel projects which increase the public debt. Hoyer’s had nearly thirty years in Congress to address our country’s fiscal challenges.

Hoyer’s solution to the self-inflicted debt burden does not resolve the systemic causes for the debt. Hoyer’s solutions are to increases taxes and to increase the retirement age before people collect social security. Neither solution addresses the fundamental issue that the country is bankrupt. The country is $12 trillion in debt. Obama’s ten year budget projection adds another $8 trillion to the debt. Lastly, there is the $58 trillion in unfunded Social Security and Medicare obligations owed. The United States of America is $78 trillion dollars in debt and Steny Hoyer is awakened from a 30 year slumber after being poked by an outraged public; and only then he concludes there is a problem. Steny is a quick learner.

Furthermore, Hoyer voted for TARP, the $787 billion stimulus bill, the Omni-bus spending bill which included 9,000 pork barrel projects, the 2010 budget consisting of a $1.6 trillion structural deficit, cap and trade, and nationalized health care. Perhaps Hoyer supports nationalized health care as that sector is one of the leading contributors to Hoyer’s campaign since 1989. According to approximately $17 billion in PAC donations were made to Hoyer’s campaign. The top five sectors were:

Financial, insurance, and real estate: $2.9 billion
Labor: $2.7 billion
Health Care:  $2.1 billion
Lawyers & Lobbyists:$1.7 billion
Miscellaneous Business: $1.2 billion

Hoyer needs to “man up” and take responsibility for his three decades of carelessness, fiscal irresponsibility, and reckless spending. As the saying goes there’s no time like the present. My suggestion to Steny Hoyer is resign your seat in Congress. Today! That’s what I call fiscal responsibility.


  • John Wakelin 5 years ago

    Good article, Mr. Strzelczyk. If most of today's pols were sincere about wanting to do what was necessary to stop adding to the ever growing mountain of public debt, and they were to start with the true root cause of the problem, they would resign... immediately.

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